FPC Solar Water Heaters: 1000, 1500, 2000+ Liters

Solar water heaters use the Sun’s energy to heat water during the day. This water is stored inside an insulated tank for use whenever required. The Sun rays have enough energy to heat water up to 55°C to 70°C which is more than sufficient for bathing, washing clothes, use in kitchen, etc. With negligible maintenance requirement, Solar water heaters provide a low cost long term solution to getting hot water. For cloudy days, Solar water heaters have a built-in backup electric heating element.
Here is complete Detail, Area requirement, Working, Technical Specification, Govt. Subsidy and Cost of 1000LPD & above FPC (Flat Plate Collector) Solar Water Heating Systems.


1000 LPD FPC Solar Water Heater.


MNRE approved solar water heater with subsidy benefit.  PUF insulation water tank for hot water storage upto 48 hours. 316L Stainless Steel inner tank for longer system life. Nalson Coated Copper absover for higher efficiency. MS Angle Main Parts With Epoxy and PU Coating.


System Description

Each Stand-alone Solar Solar Water Heating System will have following ranges:



1. System Capacity

1000 L

2. Size of Collctor

2000 x1000x100

3.No. of Collector

10 nos.

4 Tank SS304

1.5 mm

5 Tank Insulation

500 mm

6. Outer Tank

Aluminuim 24G


With Complete Balance of System (accessories)
Warranty: 5 years for Complete System.
                      25 years for Solar Panels.
Delivery and Installation: 7 Days

Price: Rs. 1,95,000.00free quote

Custom Designsfree quote

1000 Liters and moe than 1000 LPD FPC Solar Water Heater designs as per site Space and hot water requirment. It costs approx Rs. 200/Liters


Use Solar.. Save Energy.. Same Money..  Save Environment.